Mission to Kenya

Subdeacon Joel Pleban to Participate with the2017 Kenya Youth Work Team

Subdeacon Joel has asked for your prayers for a safe and fruitful trip. Anyone who would like to be a part of this outreach and mission is invited to sponsor and support Subdeacon Joel to help defray the cost of this mission trip and outreach to Kenya.  You may do so by going to the OCMC site or by talking with him directly over the next several months.  This is an opportunity for all of us to be participants in Orthodox Missions on a world wide scale and to be the good stewards we are called to be. 
OCMC Website:  https://www.ocmc.org/about/open_teams.aspx

Information Regarding the Mission to Kenya:

Nairobi, KENYA – There is an urgent need to safeguard ‘our children’ in and out of school surrounding the Makarios III Patriarchal Seminary in Nairobi. Make a difference in the lives of the youth by participating in a Youth Mentorship Program. This initiative is geared to help teens with life skills while sharing the Orthodox Faith.

The 2017 Kenya Mission Team has been invited by His Eminence Archbishop MAKARIOS of Kenya to participate in a mentorship program for youth and teens. The “Teen & Youth Mentorship Program” of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Kenya will take place at by the St. Clement of Alexandria Primary School, located near the Makarios III Patriarchal Seminary.

This mentorship program shall incorporate children, teens and youth from the greater Kawangware community and other parts of Nairobi. This program hopes to: cultivate an atmosphere for self awareness and self confidence; help teens and youth to appreciate education; equip teens and youth with life skills beyond academics; and impart a positive approach and attitude to life for teens and youth from destitute backgrounds. There will be different activities for each “target” group. The activities day will be led by facilitators for each target group, and include indoor and outdoor activities.

Orthodoxy arose in East Africa without the influence of foreign missionaries. The Church was founded by two charismatic African men searching for truth and ‘orthodoxia’ in the 1920’s. The Orthodox Church in Kenya was received into canonical Orthodoxy in 1946, and the Makarios III Patriarchal Seminary was opened in the 1980’s to train indigenous priests from Africa. OCMC has supported the work of the Orthodox Church in Kenya for over 30 years and continues to provide support for theological and catechetical training, and works with church leaders to address issues of self-sufficiency for the church. Presently, the Church in Kenya has three hierarchs, His Eminence Archbishop MAKARIOS of Kenya, Bishop NEOPHYTOS of Nyeri and Mount Kenya, and Bishop ATHANASIOS of Kisumu and Western Kenya.

Share the teachings of the Orthodox faith and be a part of laying the foundation of the Faith for the youth. Be a part of this mentorship program of the Church in Kenya. Participants should be well-grounded in the basic teachings of the Church and prepared to offer basic Orthodox catechism and religious education. Social workers, peer counselors, career advisers and spiritual leaders needed.

Traveling From: 12/6/2017 to 12/16/2017; Team Cost: $1070*

Fund raising – Each Team member is responsible for the participant cost and airfares. Team members raise funds to cover the cost of their participation. Participants are encouraged to let others know that they will be sharing in the work of missions through their tax-deductible donations, and invite others to participate through prayer and financial support. The cost includes room and board, local transportation, orientation costs, ministry expenses, excursion and materials.

OCMC relies solely on gifts and offerings from churches and individuals for support. If you would like to contribute to this ministry mission project – facilitators, fees, materials – we welcome you to do so and are grateful for your support. This is optional and for that reason it is not included in the participant cost.

Share in a journey of faith… Orthodox Mission Team members are challenged to view the world with God's eyes and seek how He wants to use them to fulfill His plans. This cross-cultural experience, combined with outreach, offers participants a life-changing learning experience. This experience is about people, culture and missions. It is also about prayer, for you and others; it is about God, those you serve, and about yourself, as you serve Him.

Team Members

Mr. Joel F Pleban

Richard a Winkel

Kyle Sterner

Eleni Karamatskos